Saturday, October 15, 2011

In the garden today...

Last night we had some delicious rain which made everything look so bright and clean this morning, so after gym I got stuck into the garden with potato dog and littlest one.

Lucky and my son uncovered a decent harvest of our last winter potatoes.

The asparagus is still sending up beautiful spears and I am so tempted to cut a few for a meal as I saw a yummy looking potato and asparagus pie on Jamie At Home and I am itching to try it.

Spring potatoes were banked...

Marrows are looking strong with protected by their cut worm collars.

We have almost got all our corn in. They were started in newspaper cups in a 2 week staggered planting program.

I stood and looked at our avo tree for a bit. It lost a branch in a storm so it looks a bit skwiff, but it's growing like a bomb. Only 4 years to wait ;)

Check out whats happening in the herb department at my herb blog.


Chris said...

Don't you just love a surprise potato harvest? Nice work potato dog and littlest one. Yet to start corn here..thanks for the reminder. We had a burst of warm weather but it turned cool again. Hopefully the growing weather will arrive soon. Nice to see your garden, Wendy. :)

Urban Homestead South Africa said...

Thanks for popping in Christine. I looked with my envy at your cheese making workshop...lucky you!