Monday, July 16, 2012

A bit of this and a bit of that

Being cold and wet for more than 3 days now we were in need of some serious comfort food.

Baked Oatmeal using that recipe but I added a layer of blueberries and chopped apple underneath and it was superb.

 5 Minute bread and soup for lunch. 

 Went into the garden in a break in the rain and stood admiring our lovely broccoli.

My veggie man had cheap tomatoes from local farmers growing in tunnels...not the best frugal choice but they made delicious tomato ketchup.


africanaussie said...

Your purple broccoli is beautiful!

GardenMom said...

Yes, I agree, your broccoli is gorgeous. I didn't get to do any this year, my fence was broken and the bunnies got all mine...but I look forward to next year.

Jonathan Young said...

Thanks. Both of you, I am quite chuffed with it. There are two kinds sprouting and Normal. I have always battled to grow brassicas what with white cabbage moth caterpillars and aphids but this year we have done so well, I find it goes like that in the garden - one year you cant grow a specific vegetable, the next you have a glut of it - go figure?!?

Urban Homestead South Africa said...

Oh my sonny boy has been logged in on my iPad!

Suburban Farm said...

The purple brocolli looks great! A quick tip for the cabbage moth I read once,... you can scatter broken eggg shells (not too small) around the garden ans the cwhite moth are attracted to the colour. They will lay their eggs on the eggshels and largely leave your crops alone :)

Jo said...

The broccoli is beautiful and I'm so excited to find your blog.

I'm nearby in Observatory! With similar hopes for our family's lives, I think.

On a slightly different note, I wonder where you get your milk, and whether you can use your own containers/glass containers?

All the very best in the rain...

Tracey said...

Goodmorning! Just stopping by to let you know I've awarded you with the "inspirational blogger award". Pop over to my blog to see.
Hope you have a great day!

Jonathan Young said...

Hi there Jo. I get my raw milk from Lou Docke in Noordhoek. there are her details. I take two 10l buckets every two weeks. You have to take your own containers but call her first for the low down.

Tracy, thanks for the blog award, will pop over on the weekend when time is freer.