Sunday, April 26, 2009

Growing Sweet Potatoes

Today I replanted my sweet potato vines. A friend showed me how they did it and I thought I would try it her way.

First you make mounds in the ground - like little graves. Mine are about 1m square - just due to my spacing. You can make them longer.

Then take a vine that has some red on the end and a leaf on the other and wind it up.

Plant it so that the red part and most of the stem is under the ground - I did two to a mound.

Voila - wait 3 - 4 months and you should have a decent crop!

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Pikkewyntjie & Kameelperd said...

I just wondered how you got the sweet potato vine. I am from the UK but living in the Free State and New to veggie gardening.I would ideally like to grow centennial or jewel patats as this is what I'm used to in the UK and they are much sweeter. Do you know if I could get them here? Or how to grow from a store bought sweet potato. Thank you!