About Us

Hi there!

We are a Christian South African homeschooling family of 6. In 2008 we decided to grow some veggies...we never realised that 5 years later we would have a mini farm on our modest 900sq m plot with the whole garden given over to organic vegetable beds, fruit trees, berries and chickens!

This decision has led us to so many discoveries with regards to the food we eat. We try to eat organic and free range food from sources we know as far as possible.

I, Wendy, love to cook and we cook from scratch each day using whole foods and nourishing traditions. The whole family enjoys the food and helps in the making of meals.

We are all involved in the growing, tending, harvesting and preparation of the food and it truly has been a Holy Spirit led adventure for us.

I do hope that our blog encourages you to try your hand at growing organic veggies on whatever scale you can manage!

Our family 2014
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