Saturday, March 22, 2014

Round about on our little patch of Earth

Things have been rather kitty-fied around here for a while...

Getting school done is hard when you have cats on your books.

Old Boy Buster spends a lot of his time sleeping but is still confined to the few rooms and isolated from the other animals. He takes up a lot of my time in the evening which used to be gardening time with the other cats :) but its just a season. I think.

Even so, a few things are growing and healthy, mainly thanks to Sam.  This past Friday he prepared the asparagus for winter by cutting them back and composting the ground around. He has also tenderly nurtured the beets, carrots, turnips and spinach he planted 4 weeks ago.

Our coop is done and really nice now...big enough for me not to fret if the girls don't go out for a day. They just wander around and sand bathe, scratch and eat what we give them. They are shut up snug and tight and with winter pushing in on the fronts of the breeze I am glad we made this choice.

And joy of joys - after 5 years of trying to find just the right spot for a granadilla, the 7th and 8th plants I have tried are growing beautifully.

 Little bits and pieces of our are you doing?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

It's never wrong to love....

This is what a friend told me when I was in tears a few weeks ago about our Buster boy's future. Having taken him from the only environment he knew for the last 7 - 10 years we brought him to our home in the suburbs. A house with doors, dogs, other cats, chickens, cars in the street and a busy family.

Buster when we met him
Of course we expected that he would struggle to adjust but when he just stopped urinating and ended up at the vet for a week, without hope of gaining bladder control again, I was devastated. Then all the thoughts went through my mind:

"Did we do the right thing?"

"Should we have left him there?"

"Could we have supported him from afar?"

We had made the decision that there was simply no way we could leave this sick old chap there to die under a bush. He crept into our cottage and hearts the first night we were there and that is where he has stayed.

So my longest standing friend told me its never wrong to love.

We asked everyone we knew in our little network and with filtering the suggestions hit on a winning ticket to take him outdoors 3x a day once we had locked up all the other animals. We haven't looked back.

While it is still a way to go to getting him integrated into the existing animal family here we make a little progress everyday.

Buster now

Can you send a little love his way by supporting his offspring who will continue to live the lives of feral cats?

1. Like our Facebook page and send the link on to your networks
2. Deposit funds into our bank account - even R10 counts towards the total for sterilisations of the cats: Capitec Bank 1373312554 Branch Code: 470010 Account name: Frans Ferals
3. Take a pledge at our crowd funding campaign and claim your gift.

Thank you
Wendy, Buster and The Young Ones.