Friday, June 6, 2008

Cleaning out the old - making way for the new!

Today we had our garden guy come and do the tough stuff. I guess we could have done it ourselves but it would have taken a looong time, so having a little surplus funds helped make this decision.

This is looking down to the right where I want to put my raised beds. The biggest problem here was the many clivia's and an Australian Creeper that had to be removed. The Stinkwood will be cut back next week.

Here you are looking to the left. Biggest problem: grass and the huge Bay tree with it's myriad of stems and massive root system.

Looking to the right now that most of the work is done.

Looking to the left with work done. They will return next week to remove the stumps and grass. The it is up to me.

I plan to build raised beds like these:


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

wow busy busy busy well done

SuperBees said...

Wow, lotta work done, hope you'll be up to it -- meaning, hope your back'll be fine! Great idea doing raised beds... I think I could do that! So, looking forward to seeing your posts!