Saturday, July 5, 2008

Living the Good Life

I am so enjoying a new book: Living the Good Life by Linda Cockburn. She is a slightly weird, highly dedicated homesteader with a huge social/earth conscience. (I don't agree with ehr "replace yourself child policy though) :-)

While I know some of her language may not be appreciated in Christian circles, it is a delighful read which is a hilarious account of two tree-hugger types who decided to not spend any money for 6 months and live from their garden.

They dream of eating snails from their garden for a little meat - really funny - but she has some pearls of wisdom and some stunning recipes - picture this: Pumpkin flowers stuffed with homemade goats milk feta, chilies and herbs, battered and deep fried served with Salsa! YUMMY!

I am about half way through their 6 months - it is written in diary form with all laid bare.

I thought you may enjoy it if you can get it from the library. She has a blog where you can get more info on their way of life:

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