Sunday, February 20, 2011

Changing seasons

Can summer be coming to an end so soon? In 8 days March starts which marks the beginning of autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere. We have noticed a weakening of the sun's rays and the setting of it at 7.30 now, when just a couple of weeks ago it was past 8pm.

I can see the shadows in my garden are also changing reminding me that soon I will loose about 1/3 of my growing space. The Stinkwood which towers over the coop and the original veggie garden is going to be dropping its leaves by the ton soon too. At least that allows the winter sun to get to the beds. This garden has been lying fallow for a few weeks with the odd last corn and tomato plants. The chickens are let out like escaping convicts into this area daily to clean it up and sandbath.

The sunflowers that I planted in September had to be harvested today as their heads were bowing heavily, fully laden with seeds.

The second planting at the pond are all open or about to open and I love watching the bees visiting them.

Around my bean and tomato beds and amongst the tomatoes are glorious dashes of orange where the Marigolds are in full bloom. These are companion plants and thus far my tomatoes are bug and pest free.

And often I just catch myself standing looking at the growth in the newest part and I still can't believe that in such a short time it has started to yield like it does. This will be our main growing area for winter as it is in full sun for the winter months, thankfully.

So as the seasons change I am thinking forward to things I didn't get to in summer - sewing, scrapbooking and knitting. I am looking forward to the rains (because I don't have to drag the hosepipe around!) and fires at night and of course winter puddings!


Lois Evensen said...

As you are preparing for Autumn, we are preparing for Spring. Your garden looks lovely. I so look forward to flowers in the garden.

African Bliss said...

lovely pics...

Cath said...

Hi my friend, I was amazed at the lush growth in your new garden when I visited last week. What is your plan for the sunflower seeds?
Love Cath

Wendy said...

Hey Cath, hope the trip home was good. Sunflower seeds will go to the chickens and some will be kept to plant next year. XX