Friday, November 18, 2011

A little catching up...

Here's a little of what has been happening in my world in the last 6 weeks...My elder daughter completed her Cambridge IG's = Gr 11...lots of driving to the exam venue, wonderful time for one-on-one chats, but as a homebody I battle being out like that.

We also wrapped up schooling for the year with the other 3 kiddies. What a great feeling to be done. Now it's time to create portfolios, get next years books out and pack this years away.

This past weekend two girlfriends and I went away to Scarborough for a scrapbooking weekend. My elder daughter also took the gap and came along. It was a wonderful time to enjoy the gorgeous seascape from the balcony, make headway into my other daughter's scrapbook and watch some chic-flicks.

Superman and I also snuck away from Tues-Thurs on a special deal for a two night stay at a hotel in Montagu. My mom and dad graciously stayed with the children. Superman and I had such a wonderful time together...eating some good food, visiting the awesome wine farms in Ashton, Bonnievale and Klaasvoogds.

On the way home we stopped off at Happy Hog to get stocked up on free range pork products...the clean styes were full of gorgeous pink piglets.
While away the chickens "summer villa" was completed and we moved them in there today. It's cooler for them and quite a bit bigger and it gives us a chance to deep clean the old coop so that they can move back in during winter.
The garden is flourishing with the unseasonal rains but besides for spinach, kale and herbs we are pretty much in between with supply from our backyard.

We have also been having fun with our ice-cream machine, even though wehave only made 3 types, this promises to be a hit for summer!


Carol Flett said...

Your garden is looking good.

What kind of berries are those?

Zikhona said...

That was such a well deserved break. We missed you, and glad to have you back.
Have fun!

Proverbs 21 woman!

Wendy said...

Hi Carol,
They are Boysenberries.

Thanks was good.