Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend at Oupa

This weekend my littlest one and I went through to Hermanus to stay with Oupa while Granny is away. Besides for spending time with Oupa we were able to enjoy lots of alone time which is a real luxury.

On the way through we saw the lovely white flowers all along the road side and just had to stop.

An evening walk on the beach, sandcastles, showing off :) and a wet cold child

A walk on the cliff path looking for whales and finding Dassies

The cutest little face
Throwing stones at Mossel River
Breakfast at the lovely market and while I caught up with a friend he played with cockatiels.
 Such a lovely interlude in a normally busy weekend....memory making time.


Linda said...

How wonderful Wendy, such a special weekend.

Anonymous said...

It looks lovely there. No wonder you had a lovely time

gartcott aka Penny Hannah said...

Nothing beats time alone with mother, with a grandfather added in and a beautiful place to enjoy it all - magic.