Sunday, May 19, 2013

An unashamedly straight line gardener!

I had a nowadays-rare-early-morning-gardening session! After a lovely walk in the forest I decided to do some quick garden jobs while the family was still slumbering. It was so delightful to be in the garden so early in the cool autumn morning with Lucky and the rays of sun slanting through the trees.

Rescued Cavolo Nero
 I had to rescue some Cavolo Nero seedlings which were sown as seeds but too close together. So I gently dug the clumps up and planted them in straight lines.

They filled a whole raised bed so I think we are going to be eating lots of this in a few months time.

I also had to split the spinach seedlings which filled another raised bed, in straight lines.

Straight lines
My carrots that I planted a few weeks ago are up and needed a good weeding.

Red Creole Onions also needed weeding, but I ran out of steam. It will have to wait until inspiration strikes!

Then Lucky and I took these photos for you...the autumn garden is a slow growing garden and it does not have the spectacular heights of summer corn, but it has a charm of its own.

Last Aubergine planting starting to yield

Carrot seedlings

Green pepper growing

Nasturtiums in the pond

Lucky checking out the cat grass
Peas a-climbing

Bright lights spinach

The last tomato of the season
I have changed my planting system this season in that I have dedicated one bed per vegetable. Int eh past I have tried companion planting, no planning, mixed beds and other styles but as I want simplicity more than anything now, I just allocated a bed per vegetable.

At the moment we also have lettuce, broad beans, turnips and garlic growing so it should be a good winter. In newspaper pots we have cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage still germinating.


Carol Flett said...

Right about now simplicity sounds good to me.

The Happy Larder said...

I love your veggie photos - you are doing a great job with growing all these different varieties. Kirsten x

Cath said...

Good to see you back,