Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What to do with giant marrows

Or...the little marrows that grew!

It's squash season...I need to cut twice a week to keep the plants flowering and to harvest the courgettes at the "right" size. The last week has had me running around tidying up end of year details and the garden to do list is a little neglected at the moment.

On Friday evening I popped out to the garden to take a look around and found MONSTER MARROWS which have been diligently doing their thing and growing-and-growing-and-growing-and-growing-and-growing. This basket below was so heavy that if I picked it up by the handle I am sure it would have snapped.

So carrying my treasures I headed indoors and my children each gave a huge distressed sigh when they saw what they would be eating for the next while :) I promised them I would make the meals what I did with the ones I didn't give away...

The two largest ones were sliced and used as "lasagne" sheets. This was so delicious and filling that I fed 9 people on one medium dish of lasagne - 5 of them older teen boys with big appetites. I love cooking for people who enjoy food and it was great to watch them munch it down.

The mince should be really rich in flavours and filled with herbs and tomatoes. You layer it just the same as you would lasagne but do not put cheese in the dish only a good lot of Parmesan on the top. I didn't make a cheese sauce but poured 250ml of cream around the outside. The other hint is to do this early in the morning and then let the flavours soak through the marrow. I baked it for about 1 hour to make sure the marrow was cooked. It was superb and got the thumbs up from the kids.

The next dish I made was not my own recipe but this sage, sausage and walnut stuffed squash. It was surprisingly quick and easy to make and was really delicious too!

The next big squash went into "spaghetti" tonight. Once you have sliced the marrow in "sheets", julienne them as fine as you can. Fry them in some olive oil or butter and add your favorite sauce. I made a fresh basil pesto and stirred that in with some cream, topped with Parmesan and black pepper it was another scrumptious meal.

Now I just have two more to go....hang in there kids!

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Cath said...

Well done. Remember I did a series of marrow recipes last year on my blog. Other nice ideas: marrow bread or marrow chocolate cake.

Urban Homestead South Africa said...

Yes! I do remember, better head that way to check those ideas out. thanks!

Damaria Senne said...

LOL! I could empathise with your kids, because my family is also facing a whole lot of marrow meals. Mine are not as big as yours though. Congratulsations!