Monday, February 3, 2014

New things on the horizon...

We have just returned from a wonderful holiday. It took us about 5 days to unwind and get to that lovely peaceful place that reminds us that we live life at a pace that we cannot maintain without breathing space.

While there we stumbled onto a situation (if you are on Facebook please go and like Franskraal Ferals page) that is going to require my attention for a few months so I will not be blogging for a while. I will be back, but as this is a big year for schooling my children, business plans and other developments, it is only fair that something is shelved for a while. In assessing priorities blogging here has to be one of those things.

Here is our happy holiday photo taken yesterday and a wish from me to you for a great 2014.

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Kelly-Anne said...

I will certainly miss your blogging Aunty Wendy! But hope all goes well for you:-) Much love, Kelly