Sunday, April 13, 2014

Back to basics

Everyone looses perspective sometimes. We also get overwhelmed and stressed. Sometimes we are to blame because we try to do too much, when we don't count the cost, in time or money, before committing to a new project or simply because life throws a series of curveballs at you for whatever reason.

I have come out of a very fulfilling but tiring time of 8 weeks of giving and giving and giving. The job is done and now I need to pick up the pieces of my life again and find the lovely rhythm of my days, weeks and seasons.

The only way I know how to do this is by getting back to basics.

First I prune back my life which includes our children's commitments outside of the home, I say no to more things for myself that would draw me away from my first priorities - which in my life are time sitting at the feet of my Lord Jesus, connecting with my husband, mentoring my children in their different stages of life, guiding their education needs, being busy in my home growing then preparing the right food for us and finding a place to just breathe.
This process started over the last two weeks and today has found me at home on Sunday with nothing on my to do list and the freedom to rest, sleep, read...or type a blog post! :)

Things that have slipped through my fingers this year has been making sure the basics are attended too. No soap was made, no bread made, and because I refuse to eat the toxic shop bought breads, no bread eaten either. Meal plans were not done and garden planning, sowing and planting not attended to. Cupboards and drawers were in a shambles, and the chaos and time wasting that resulted from this was frustrating.

Soap cooling slowly. I will cut it tomorrow. This gives us enough bars for 3 months.

Getting back to basics allows me to see what is important and what I value and how much a simple thing like making soap or bread, or having orderly shelves, means to my family as well.

So today I made Down To Earth's plain lovely rich soap. This will cure for 5 weeks and be ready for use. A similar soap that I buy at the Earth Fair market costs R20 per bar. I can make soap for 18 of the same size bars at R20 for all 18!

These are some we made two weeks ago and were never filled. Sam made another 3 trays on Friday.

Making sure that I have newspaper pots for seed sowing is also something I got going again this week and we have 5 beer boxes of pots ready for seeds which I will sow this week.

My mom gave us this Can-O-Worms in 2008 and it is still working well.

Our wormery also needed attention as we use the worm tea all the time for our fruit trees and strawberries. Switching around the trays and feeding the worms was also on the agenda.
Each Tuesday Superman fetches 3x25 litres of water from Newlands Spring for our drinking and cooking.

One of our water bottles that we use to collect spring water has had green algae growing on the sides and allow strong vinegar water to stand in it for a day or two will solve this.

What a joy to move quietly and smoothly through my day doing some simple tasks that reap huge rewards.

What simple tasks do you enjoy that "ground" you in your home?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Will delve deeper into your blog again to catch up.
I also reached a point a week or two ago that I realised, everything is falling by the way side because I'm not focusing on us as family, but rather on outside, what I need/want to do for others. So also cut some of the kids' activities (and they sighed with relief!) and started planning our weekly menu, etc.

It just calms everything down and everyone can breath again. Life is simpler.

Urban Homestead South Africa said...

I am so glad you too have taken a step back, life simply offers too much and we need to be wise in what we say yes to.

Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

I find dinner making very rewarding. We have an 11 year old with celiac disease. On eating out last weekend he got really sick for the first time in months. The next day l made a large homemade lasagne and seeing him grinning and tucking in was priceless. Having to read all ingredients when l do my shopping has really opened my eyes to all the strange ingredients that are put in the food we eat to make it last longer and cost less. Frightening. Pam x

Anh said...

A very insightful post... I too have felt that my life was falling into pieces. And home is not really home if I focus on so many other things outside of it. Thank you for these honest thoughts!