Monday, June 16, 2014

Mushrooming...a family tradition perhaps?

Leaving one sleepyhead to snooze, seeing another off on a instagramming trip around Cape Town I hauled Superman and the youngest two kiddies off to Tokai forest to collect the annual treat of Pine Rings. It's the first time Gavin has joined us, he is always skeptical about eating from the wild. The first time (6yrs ago) I served pine rings, he could not handle the thought and his body rejected the mushrooms...YKWIM?

Last year he ate them in a delicious wild mushroom risotto, which we will be making tonight again. This is real comfort food, warm, creamy and hugely satisfying and will probably mark the end of our carbohydrate spree we have been on recently. The chicken stock is cooking away on the stove and filling the house with rich fragrant aromas hinting at the meal to come tonight.

Come for a photographic walk with us while we go mushroom picking...

So much rain has made rivulets through the forest

Gorgeous green

We have to cross this...

The way across?

Little waterfalls all over the place

Arrived in the plantation

Superman's cache

Gorgeous freshly grown (no green)

And now to get back over

Sarah and I waded through the icy stream barefoot



Cath said...

Delightful taking the walk with you...xx

Sherrin said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing your adventure. I recently received the "Little Footprints" curriculum which I ordered from Shirley in April (it took a couple of months to get to Oz)and LOVE it so far. Thank you for all you effort with it. We are thrilled to be able to read some stories and do some activities in the lead up to our South Africa trip in August when we will see my husband's parents and friend and the country. So wonderful to have this resource to teach them about their heritage!