Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Just bluffing...

Today is the second day of the most gorgeous weather. The temperature is just right for me, the sun is shining and there is a promise of gardening in my thinking. But I know the weather is just bluffing and within days we will be back to the Cape winter.

That's ok because each season has its own blessings. For me winter is about fires, hot drinks, board games, books, early bed times and the rain watering my garden. Maybe you notice that I didn't write comfort food...thats because we aren't eating any at the moment. We decided (literally overnight) to do a 28 day juice fast after watching Super Juice Me two weeks ago. We are into our 3rd week. The first week we only had fruit and vegetable juices. The second week was cold and we couldn't face cold juice in the evening so we ate protein and vegetables at night. This week we are back to juice again. I hope the weather stays warm so that we don't crave the hot foods.

It has been a good thing for my reluctant vegetable eaters as they have had more minerals and vitamins flooding their systems than before. The younger 3 have made other healthy snacks and meals if they were hungry but they are getting the juices in and that's great!

I am looking forward to cooking again, it's been the hardest thing on this detox. I have also missed sitting around the dinner table with my family. That has always been a highlight of our day when we can sit and chat and savour the meal together. When you have a glass of juice you tend to stand and glug rather than sit and savour.

Today I popped out into the garden and took some photos of whats growing around here...

Borage all over the garden - soon its flowers will attract the bees

Broad beans in all their glory!

Globe Artichoke - we have 5 plants and can't wait to eat their offerings

Gorgeous lemons - I see an aphid cleaning needs to be done soon

Oreganum spreading

Peas, loads of peas

Just one bed of potatoes this year for treats
How's your garden coming along?

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The Shroom said...

Each season has its own set of things to look forwards to especially since we can have 'summer' and 'winter' veg gardens with different crops during each. I am especially looking forward to some tomatoes and paprika straight from the backyard!

Good luck with all your growing endeavours!