Sunday, November 29, 2015

When plans go awry

I can't believe its been over a month since I last posted on this blog! It would be wonderful to report that I have been busy in my garden and that everything is flourishing. And while Instagram does not lie  and there are many little treasures still growing and being eaten I feel the need to share some honesty here...

The following pictures tell a story of when plans are great on paper and then in the practise things go awry....

Spring onions and spinach left over from winter, butternut growing up trellis.

New tomatoes, left over cauliflower

New cucumbers and nothing else!

Left over red onions and new strawberry popcorn

Left over leeks - not visible baby tomatoes growing up trellis

Lots of empty space..dry soil (we have water restrictions), few seedlings waiting to go into beds and one tired gardener.

One of the issues with the transition was we haven't eaten enough of the winter crops. So while my plans for a summer garden were at the ready I couldn't plant as there were other crops in the way.

The other is we had the very joyful occasion of marrying our eldest daughter which took up all my free time.

Another issue was the freaking out about how we are going to keep everything alive over the hottest time of the year with water restrictions.

When I take those situations into account I can see why there has been a loss of momentum. (And also because sometimes I just want to go for a body board with my Superman and son instead of garden :) )

Who wouldn't when the sea looks like this on a Saturday morning!?!

But I think the time for excuses is holidays start in a little over a week...the drought means we will have to pay more for good food - which means I must grow daughter is happy and settled in her own home...I can now surf and garden in a day (talk about having your cake AND eating it!) and I can sow seed directly into the ground now for the remains of summer.

Well, that feels great to confess, and now its only upwards and onwards.

How are your summer gardens coming along?

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