Saturday, May 17, 2008

Planting potatoes

Today we planted our potatoes that have sprouted. Despite all our best attempts to find seed potatoes, we failed so have sprouted out own and now we will see what happens.

Due to space constraints we are using tires. So lay the tyre down on a solid surface. Place a layer of potting soil at the bottom and nestle your sprouted spuds in.

Cover the spuds with a good layer of compost.

Place another tyre on top.

Ideally they should now grow and when the stem is above the height of the FIRST tyre we will add more potting soild and compost around the stem to force tubers. This will then continue for a 4 tyre stack.

According to my book this should yield us 5 - 10 kgs of new potatoes within 20 weeks. We have two such stacks going and if it works will do more.

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