Friday, August 29, 2008

Harvest time - sort of....

It's been two weeks since I posted and I wish I could say we have been busy in our garden but sadly that is not the case. The rain has kept us indoors for most of the time and there was a business trip in between.

But this week our potatoes we planted 3 months ago were ready to be harvested. My book said that when the leaves start to yellow its time, so....

And while my children's expectations were huge (judged by the size of the container they brought for all the potatoes :-)) mine were more modest as I know things don't grow that well in winter. But when we saw the first one we were most excited!

There were about 20 in all but some badly chewed by something small and wriggly!!
But the ones that we were able to harvest made their way into a great Irish Stew served on a bed of polenta - and we all swore that they tasted MUCH better than shop bought ones!

The next day we decided to try out our carrots...and to our delight we got a great offering, some were twisted which is a sign of over rich soil but they looked so good and tasted so sweet my son ate almost all of them before we used them for anything else!

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