Friday, August 1, 2008

Waste not, want not!

Ok, I am sad to admit that up until a few months ago I was very wasteful with food. You know throwing away the stalk of the brocoli instead of steaming it too...or forgetting about the leftovers inside the Tupperware container at the back of the fridge....

But I am happy to admit that I have amended my ways :-) and do not waste any food anymore. This is a change over 3 months, in case you would like to know.

So there are a few things we do:

1. Recycle What we can i.t.o. plastic, glass and paper. (Not food I know but still is waste)
2. My wormery takes all my carrot pith from our juicer and other soft fruit peels.
3. Our compost takes the things they cannot eat.
4. Our chickens now are eating up our weeds, other scraps, cleaned crushed egg shells and they even got some cooked oatmeal yesterday.
5. All overripe fruit is converted into something - bananas to banana bread for e.g.
6. Left over dinners are eaten the next day for someones lunch.

So I feel pretty good about that!

This morning I saw that we had 10 passion fruit about to go to the bin so I took out the centres and turned it into Passion Fruit Butter. I got this delicious recipe from my current favourite book by Linda Cockburn: Living the Good Life.

1 cup passionfruit juice
3/4 cup sugar
2 eggs beaten
50g butter

Melt the butter in double boiler.
Add sugar and juice, stir til sugar is melted.
Add eggs and stir til thick.

She says to use it as ice cream sauce, I could just eat it by the spoonful!

And then for lunch today we had the sum total of 5 eggs from our we had pancakes to celebrate - yes, using the eggs!


Mama Under Construction said...

Hey, I'm a Sonlighter as well! Love the forums. Urban??? homesteading! I've never heard of it--but interested in finding out more.

Wendy said...

Hi There

Be sure to check our the video on my blog about the Dervaes family - it's what got me started!