Saturday, September 6, 2008

Spring plantings begin

Today we spent a couple of hours weeding, turning the soil and emptying out our tyres from our first potato planting.

We also planted the following:

Sweet Melon
Sweet Pepper

It was so hot we ran out of energy at lunch time so tomorrow we will plant the squashes and tomatoes as that bed needs an overhaul.

I also contacted out local nursery and they have not yet recieved their seed potatoes and berry canes...pity!


Annie said...

Loved your pictures! What are courgettes? I still have a hard time getting my head around the fact that September can be spring (: You are getting your garden ready and I am needing to prepare mine for the hard freezes to come. We should be getting snow next month (: I am going to re-plant my greenhouse for the winter... the goats escaped and ate my other gardens! Have a wonderful day!

Wendy said...

Hi annie

Courgettes are baby marrows or zucchini...all the best with the canning and freezing!

Annie said...

Thanks for the info. Have fun with your garden!