Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sweet potatoes - we got them - and lots of them!

This is a story which started off sad but has ended up with me doing the happy dance around my house.

I planted some sweet potatoes at the same time as I planted my spuds - about 4 months ago. On Sunday I lifted my last potatoes to store so that I could plant peas and spinach. I then decided to check on my sweet potatoes. There were none to see or feel about 5 - 10cm under the soil.

A friend of mine had lifted hers on Saturday and they had a bountiful harvest. She told me how they had planted theirs and it had paid off.

So today when our gardener arrived I asked him to pull up the vines and I would start over...but as he dug he started finding them...and lots of them. The piccie below is only 2 rows in and we have 6 rows!!!

David said to me: "Mam, you need to move to a farm!" Needless to say both his family and ours will be eating sweet potatoes tonight! (And a few nights hereafter :-))

We ended up filling a 10 litre bucket with all sizes and they are truly delicious!


Sonshine4u said...

I absolutely love his comment, "Mam, you need to move to a farm!" Oh the joy that would bring all of us!!! Kudos on all your urban gardening! You are quite inspiring!

The Gardening Blog said...

I am so please to have found your site. I have had no luck with sweet potatoes and you have!! I feel I can try again!! How do you get the slips? I am so keen to get growing!
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