Friday, January 28, 2011

In the garden today

Today we attacked the garden with a vengeance...although I must admit to being more of a supervisor than worker. I did stake all the tomato plants, but I sat on a little chair to keep my back protected.

Then I went and took photos of some exciting developments in our newest section....butternuts hiding behind their foliage.

Look how strong the asparagus more year to go, this time next year we can harvest some.

The young 'uns spent the time weeding and the chickens were grateful recipients of their work.

My eldest made 100 (yes...100) newspaper pots which we will plant up with seed tomorrow.

Lucky was allowed into the garden now that the plants are big enough to be safe from her walking through the beds.

My older son banked the potatoes...

...and also planted out the sweet potato tubers in the oddly shaped bed at the front door. We tried strawberries here for summer but the chickens kept getting in. So we repotted the strawberries and let them dig and sand bath here for the last few weeks. But now its time for growing things and the girls are going on a little farm holiday while we go away this next week.

I am so thankful for my children...tomorrow we have some more work, but then on Sunday we can go away knowing that all is well and done for the week.

Then we went inside to process this harvest...

Chillies were strung up to dry, tomatoes frozen whole for sauce, strawberries frozen for smoothies, marrows grated and frozen, corn eaten (what else!!!!), radishes in the salad at dinner.


Ali said...

Gosh that's a fabulous looking garden, you've inspired me to work harder in my own. And how lovely is the help from your children!

HAZEL said...

Your children are wonderful and so is your garden.

SuperBees said...

Wow Wendy, you sure have some great helpers, and I'm in awe of you! Hope you're having a restful week, Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary too!

Shaz said...

Hello Wendy

Please explain to me how you 'bank' your potatoes?