Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sock knitting....oh yeah...oh yeah!

I have been overwhelmed with the thought of sock making for almost a year but I just know that I want to learn to do it. The book recommended to me has been set aside for later - it will be used but I do need to start easier!

I turned to Youtube and found a series of videos by Staci from and decided to buy her very easiest sock pattern. My gran used to make bed socks for us as kids, so I have decided that these chunky socks are going to be our bed socks for winter.

I think that after knitting 6 pairs I should be ready to move onto shoe socks and use my beautiful sock wool I bought last year from Nuturing Fibres.

Today I sat in the sun in my veggie garden after watching the first tutorial and churned out 1 inch of cuff. It took this long for me to stop feeling like and uncoordinated Edward Scissor Hands :-)

Now I am getting really excited as my visual learner needs are being fulfilled step by step with Staci's excellent tutorials.


Christine said...

Fantastic, Wendy! Those double pointed needles sure are a challenge and you are doing well if you can get the hang of them. Wonderful to wear homemade socks..I figure the amount of time it takes to make them will be exceeded by the amount of time they will be worn, plus they will last forever (provided they don't felt in the washing machine 'gulp') and are much better quality than anything you can buy so it really is a worthwhile investment of time. Happy knitting!

Anna said...

Happy for you!! Socks are wonderful to knit. I knit more socks than anything. I love them. Now its easier than ever because you don't HAVE to use those double pointed needles unless you just want too. They make 9" circular needles now just for making socks. The needle and 3 place markers and around and around you go. I was THRILLED when they come out with them. Good luck making all your wonderful new socks! Nothing feels better on the feet!

Valery said...

I get the edward scissor hands everytime I start a new pair, but gradually get the feel again! It's fun to accomplish something you are so intimated to start.. good feeling!! have fun :-)