Monday, April 18, 2011

Using once used skills again.

I used to sew all my children's clothes when they were babies and into the toddler years. By the time my 3rd child was a toddler I had a busy home business and a 4th on the way and sewing was put aside.

Time just didn't allow for the sourcing of materials and making patterns and the sewing of the garment. Other things took priority.

I have for sometime now felt a stirring to get sewing again. I know that this is linked to the growing sewing interests of my younger daughter. At the beginning of the year I got my machines serviced and went material shopping.

I figured that I would buy for winter clothing...I am aware of how much time I actually do have and it would take me this long to get my ducks in a row. A few weekends ago I copied the pattern off a pair of lounge pants I bought for my son in the UK and then adapted it for each child's particular leg length and hips.

Here is the first pair of PJ pants for winter.

I used a drawstring for the waist, but I think I will go with elastic for the others.

Feeling quite chuffed with myself for getting it done... :-) What do you think? Now its back to knitting socks! Oh my!


Lois Evensen said...

Very nice! One of these years when we will be home long enough to make it make sense, I'll clear a space and get out the sewing machine again. I have three sewing machines in the house and don't use any of them regularly. I, too, made all the kids clothes when they were young. Now I'm doing that knitting and crochet thing. :) Isn't it wonderful to always have something constructive to do?

Cath said...

I still remember being awed by your incredible production of jammies and tracksuits for your kids before your annual holiday. I even have remnants of your fabric up here.

africanaussie said...

Oh yes a day spent sewing just feels so good! I plan on doing that this weekend! those pants look lovely.