Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting Ready For Spring

The countdown has begun...I have always looked forward to spring as it was a wonderful time to teach my young children out in nature's first blush, it was a time to shake off the cobwebs of hibernation, to get busy again outdoors. This winter has been a dry moderate winter which is very concerning for summer water needs.

But spring is around the corner and it will wait for no least this year I am not in such a frantic rush like last year when I spent the 2 weeks in the UK with my daughter. I have been able to do a little everyday in preparation for planting days.

Each day my children have on their chore lists to make 10 newspaper pots each. We calculate that we will need close to 500 of these little things to get seeds started this year now that we have added the new pond garden.I shared my excitement previously about Jane's Delicious Garden Planner and have all my plans stuck up next to my desk here at my computer.The coolest feature they now have is a link to Living Seeds where you can click on the necessary seed which takes you to the ordering page at LS. I bought some of my seeds from them this year again. We also have to remove two big tree limbs from our stinkwood as when they are fully clothed they cast so much shade that we loose about 4 veggie beds. $$$$$

Another cash out lay is on replacing some - almost all in fact - of our coir strawberry baskets. Superman surprised me way back in 2009 by hanging up loads and loads of baskets. We planted them up with strawberries and they have given us so many fruits that we owe it to them to give them lots of TLC this spring.

This will be a big job as we will have to remove the current baskets and the roots tend to grow right into them. Give them fresh soil and replant. I really hope this will regenerate their growth and production.

This summer I am determined to grow ginger. I tried last season but it didn't work so I am trying again.

We have not made enough compost for our planting season, so we will have to buy in...time to start shopping around for prices.

One thing I am still trying to decide is whether we will do as we have always done and do big garden days on the weekends to whether we should each be responsible for a patch and work everyday...a little at a time. What do you do in your gardens?


Cath said...

When we are organised and together, my favourite gardening time is in the evenings, preferably with my man at my side, chat time. Even better is when my kids are helping too. Otherwise early weekend mornings. But evenings are my best. It's a peaceful way to end the day.

Linda said...

Such a lovely blog post.
We have also been busy with our Spring planting and I came across an amazing book called One Magic Square, really wonderful.
Happy planting

Lois Evensen said...

I love following all of your planning, planting, and harvesting. You have a great start!

Wendy said...

That sounds lovely Cath.

Linda, I went to your blog after a long time and its so lovely I am going to follow. That book looks great!

Thanks Lois...are your roots down or are you still travelling?

loves2spin said...

Good for you! I haven't even begun thinking about spring yet, but then, here on the other part of the earth, it is still summer. But I am planning fall garden, which on our place is an unheated greenhouse that I plant in September and we eat greens from all winter. Once that is planted, then I will start planning spring. I love your post!

Tuinmeisie said...

I also started planning for Spring on Saturday. I prepared beds and did the planning on paper. I think I might start planting seeds bit by bit in the evening. I do most of my gardening over the weekend now, but in Summer each evening is spent outside.