Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Meal planning...for the unorganized :-)

I bet the people who really know me laugh at this title as I am "known" for being organized - well here's a newsflash: I am slipping in my old age!

You see I have always worked with a meal plan - I'd plan 2 - 6 weeks in advance, buy the needed foods and then stick to it! However over the last couple of months I just haven't been doing that.

Mind you, I will not be seen standing at my fridge or in a check out line at 5pm...I always know what I am having at least a day ahead. But now my meal plannng works something like this:

"Aaah we have lots of eggs..." scrambled egg for breakfast or egg mayo sandwiches for lunch or quiche for dinner.

"Mmh, veggies to juice...with almonds" - that's our snack.
"Gee, I better use those broad beans tonight" and they are whipped into last nights meal of chicken and broad bean pasta.

That's just how we roll for now. Here's last nights recipe....


Wendy said...

yes, Wendy you are the MOST organised lady I know :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, cool blog!