Sunday, April 22, 2012

The charm of an Autumn garden

Before we left for the UK we did a big push in the garden to get everything planted. This work has paid off as the warm days that occured here, while Son and I we freezing in the Norther Hemisphere, have caused all the growth we needed to get a head start on our future winter harvests. Over the next while we will sow seeds for the late winter.

Autumn is such a lovely time as the bugs have subsided, the hectic harvests of summer are over, the warmth of the midday is mellow and I can feel a gentleness settle around my garden. Here is what we have growing at the moment:
Mixed salad leaves (front) Swiss Chard (back)


Bok Choi

Broad Beans

Sprouting broccoli as we have much more success with it that ones that need to develop a full head

New granadilla as our one planted in 2008 died at the end of summer

Sage - to be used in cooking but mainly grown for sage and lemon grass soap.

Peas with quick growing salads in between

Onion - red and white

Herbs - borage, last of basil and yarrow.


Christine said...

It's so nice to be out in the garden during Autumn, isn't it? I have peas to plant too. Fingers crossed for your granadilla - I'd love to be able to grow passionfruit here but after two failed attempts I fear it's too cold.

africanaussie said...

Welcome back! The change of the season is often tricky, but it looks as though you have it well-planned.