Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our 2 weeks in Great Britian

It's so good to be back. No matter how wonderful it was to see my sister and her family, to tour up to Scotland, to shop in London with my son...there is truly no place like home!

Our trip was 12 days long with two days travelling on either side and was split into three main sections. The photos below are of these rough times.

Kent...time with my beloved sister and her family. Time to see the boys connect after 8 long years apart. Time to explore, walk, delight. Time to eat her delicious cooking.

Good Morning Great Britian!

Bonnie Wee Lads
Easter Sunday
Morning doses of frost

My sisters rescue chickens happy in their loving home

While there we fetched 3 new chickens from a small home based chicken business. Long narrow plot with coops and more coops of all sorts of chooks.
Outside his home he runs an honesty shop for neighbours to buy his eggs.
Lovely jam session with other musicians.
Sister's newest hobby and passion - bee keeping.
So foolish taking pictures of grocery store in SA we can by about 3 varieties. Each crate here is a different one.
Spring sprung despite negative temperatures early in the morning most days.
Sis took me to Hampton Court Palace while the boys scared themselves silly at Thorpe Park. We had a carriage ride around the astounding gardens.
Hampton Court Palace - King Henry V111 era
Hampton Court Palace - William & Mary's era

The formal gardens of William and Mary
Well, just me!
Gorgeous tulips.
Sister's enviable Yorkshire puds!
Time in Scotland...rugged, wild, passionate, beautiful, cold. Standing in awe looking at the work of The Creator's hand. Snow lay in drifts after a massive fall a few days earlier.

The magnificent Glen Coe. Listen to the story of the Glencoe Massacre here.
Glen Coe
Fish and chips at Loch Ness
Snow in the Highlands
Boat trip around Loch Nessy!
Scotland from the train window.
Warming up at Pitlochry on our way home after 6 hours up to the Loch.
A morning tour of Edinburgh Castle. Scotland left us both feeling that we have to come back.
Time in London...history, money, shopping, sore feet, night time escapes, shows, people people everywhere.

Music shops in Tin Pan Alley. I sat, he discovered.

Compulsory visit to Hamleys for gifts. Lego model of the Queen, her corgie and William and Kate - life size!
The Whispering Gallery in St Pauls. Son climbed all the way up the +/- 540 stairs to the spire to see London from way up. I stopped at 237!
Amazing wonderful show.
Bad idea - Tower of London in the rain on a Bank Holiday with the world and their children!
Then, like always its back to real life, jump in with both feet...hop on that hamster wheel and keep running.


Liesl said...

Oh that looks like so much fun Wendy...It has always been a dream of mine to see Scotland. The British are SO spoiled for choice

Crystal said...

Welcome home Wendy. I discovered your blog while you were away and have spent the past 2 weeks reading from your very first post. So inspirational and I have picked up so many tips for my little veggie patch. Today I made your lemon curd and it is sooo good, and soooo easy. Don't know why I have never tried it before. Needless to say, you are now my number 1 blog to follow. Keep up the fantastic work!

Lois Evensen said...

What a wonderful trip! The images are fantastic souvenirs. :)

Linda said...

Welcome back Wendy! Oh my, you had a fantastic time and the photos are wonderful!

Wendy said...

Thank you all, and nice to meet you crystal.

Christine said...

Wow, your pictures are magic, Wendy! Just magic!! Welcome back, it looks like you had a fabulous time! x

Tmaze said...

I know i just LOVE LOVE LOVE Scotland. Love your pics what a special trip with your son!

africanaussie said...

I see you did do a post on your holiday - I missed it! so glad you had a great time - 8 years is too long. It sounds as though you and your sister are alike.