Sunday, July 22, 2012

Winter garden catch-up

I have said many times before how grateful I am that we can grow veggies year round due to our climate. Our winters are cold and wet but we do not get such low temperatures that frost becomes a problem. Our days range from 5 - 13 degrees C most days and as long as there is no storm raging, like yesterday, we can enjoy some mild sunshine each day.

This is what is growing and going on in our garden at the moment...Hart Nursery has a winter special on for shrubs and trees so when I was in the area last week I picked up a lemon, olive, clementine and blueberry bush to plant. Winter is a good time to establish new trees and shrubs.

Lemon tree planted under my daughter's bedroom window

Olive tree planted neat compost heap

Clementine planted in reworked potato planters that didn't work. Chives are going to be planted around the bottom as a companion planting to keep away aphids.

Blueberry bush in a wine barrel. We need to get another variety for pollination but the nursery didn't have at the time I was there.

Broad beans growing strong, sprouting broccoli and purple cauliflower and beets in front.

Garlic looking good with self seeded calendula growing pretty.

Peas gone crazy and the wind knocked over their support yesterday, should be able to start eating some this week.

Desperately trying to finish up the lettuce so that we can get the next planting in of brassicas which are waiting in newspaper pots.
This week we harvested some of the purple cauli and sprouting broccoli for a delicious vegetable curry.

I am picking armloads (keep forgetting the basket inside) of chard a couple times a week which is always yummy no matter how we make it. 5 ways with spinach post coming up soon!

So that's it for the garden's yours growing? Are you in winter or summer?


Clare said...

Love your blog thanks. I'm in Aus but your garden is useful. Hope you keep finding energy from your garden. Best wishes, Clare

Lois Evensen said...

Your garden looks so wonderful! It is hot over here in this part of the world. We aren't home now, but hear about the heat there every day.

Happy Sunday,

Kelly-Anne said...

I harvested some new baby potatoes this week and used them in a stew...hmmm...they were delicious. We have never eaten our own potatoes before so what an experience!!

Our cauli and broccoli heads are still very small but it won't be long till we harvest our carrots:)

I am so looking forward to Spring!

I am so inspired reading your blog, Aunty Wendy:) Love Kelly-Anne

Urban Homestead South Africa said...

Clare, I enjoy being in my garden so much and God teaches me so much while I am there.

Thanks Lois, hope you are home soon but enjoy your trip.

Kelly-Anne, I agree that fresh new potatoes are definitely on the to do list for our lives! I am so glad my blog helps you, precious one.

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Crystal said...

Your winter garden is looking great! I am also so thankful to be able to grow all year round. Looking forward to your 5 way spinach post, big spinach lovers in this house :)

Anonymous said...

There is nothing like the taste of home grown veg. It's summer here in the Uk and though we have had rain for weeks now I am still getting some good things.