Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wild mushrooms - a seasonal habit

Escaping the chaos at home I took a very indulgent friend with me to go and collect some wild mushrooms in the Tokai Aboretum. It is always best to go 2 - 3 days after rain, anything longer than that and they get mushy and mouldy quite quickly.

The river is always a delight in this season and crossing it is always a game of whose more agile than you! The kids always make it first :)

The kids spread out in the top plantation to look for the right ones after I had shown them what to look for.

Treasure under the pine needles

I made a simple mushrooms on toast for breakfast buy frying them in butter, garlic, thyme and then adding a cup of white wine. I put this on toast and add a good helping of crumbled feta...


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Cath said...

Looks absolutely delicious.