Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lazy Sunday Morning Polenta Frittata

I don't know if chefs have ever tried this or if it will make their hair stand on end, but this was just the breakfast we needed today. It started out as "oops, nothing to eat for breakfast" and became "this is something we can do again!".

After the end of 4 weeks of renovations with another 3 to go we have finally got our dining room back. The whole family jumped in yesterday and sealed the kitchen walls and painted the dining room. We were given a painting a couple years ago that I have never really felt fitted our cottage...but...well, it was one of a triplet that each son got and it couldn't just be stored in the garage.

I am not really one for abstract art, much more of a naturalist, so I have looked past it for many years. With the new color scheme we have chosen of moroccan browns, orange and teal it now fits perfectly. The room was so cozy and warm with the new wall colours.

We can see the end of the project now as once the tile grouting is done tomorrow and the builders snag list attended too, we have one week to wait until the installation of the new units and appliances.

Very exciting indeed and reason to live like campers for a little longer methinks!
 So after working hard all the day before, we knew this morning would be slow...and this polenta "frittata" turned out to be just the comfort food we needed.

Make polenta according to instructions (1 cup polenta to 2 cups water, salt, bring to boil, stir).

While that is cooking beat up three eggs with salt, pepper and oregano.

Also fry up onion, garlic, salami (can be bacon or breakfast sausage), cherry tomatoes. Add 1/2cup of cubed feta at the end.

Mix the egg mix into the polenta and add to the pan with the onion. Quickly mix together.

Smooth over the top and add shavings of parmesan. Place the lid on the pan and let cook on low heat for 20 mins or so.

Serve and top with your favourite "poison".


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Linda said...

Keep pressing on, Wendy. Everything is looking great.