Saturday, August 17, 2013

Food over the last while

We are so happy that our kitchen renovation is now done. We all love being in there and with the new entrance and the fireplace being right there it is a warm welcoming part of the home. We realised pretty soon after we had the majority done, that the rest of the home needed a facelift so we have all worked like Trojans unpacking each room, de-cluttering, painting, repacking and decorating. We feel like we are living in a brand new home.

Main bedroom
 We have used colour in each room, something Superman was hesitant to do for many years but the gorgeous oranges, browns, golds, blues and reds have made this little cottage vibrant and cozy. We have managed to get rid of boxes and boxes of things we "thought" we needed but haven't used in years. It has been a hard, but fabulous that it is over.

We had a funny little passage that we could never figure out how to incorporate into the home effectively until a very clever designer friend suggested splitting it and making one half the pantry and the other a store room.

This storeroom now holds all the sports equipment, hobbies (air rifles, sewing, scrapbooking, Ninco and Technic Lego) as well as my overflow school books. It's so great to have this stuff contained instead of spilling out around the home.
Entrance hall

Store room
My hero

Everyone is finding that now the kitchen has been planned and the pantry right next to the cooking area we can use the space much more effectively.

With the Cape winter hitting us hard I am delighted that the laundry is now indoors. I used to have to make mad dashes in the rain across the back courtyard to the laundry.

Even Superman got into the kitchen this morning and made me a yummy omelette. Buy here are some other things that went on in our kitchen...

Broad bean, potato and carrot curry.
Yes, broad beans are being harvested.
Spinach is now being snuck into everything too!

Lovely sourdough bread made by eldest son

Kefir flapjacks made by youngest

Scones made by younger daughter
Warm porridge with apples, walnuts and honey

Even my Mum made us sago pudding with farm peaches.
So loving the kitchen.....


Cath said...

Your renovation looks just beautiful. Oh dear, I have broad bean envy. Ours are still small plants.

africanaussie said...

Your renovations dont seem to have slowed you down any - I love your new kitchen.

The Happy Larder said...

Your home looks beautiful as does the food made by all of you! We have now finished out kitchen renovation as well and I am just unpacking the boxes now - so glad it's almost done :-) Kirsten x