Saturday, September 14, 2013

Garden walkabout

We had lovely rain last night and it has left a cool drippy kind of day today. I took a walkabout today to peep under leaves, pull a weed, cut some food and have a stock take on how the spring garden is going. 

Come walk with's a bit of a jungle here, but little surprises await.

Asparagus making its appearance

Carrots ready to harvest

Cauliflower in waiting

Healthy green leaves of cauliflower

Chickens have started laying again and are let out daily to clean up the bugs

Garlic looks a little spindly

Globe Artichoke

Cavalo Nero - loads of it!

Kumquats - tree inherited from mom

My favourite flower

Red onions

Broad bean harvest again.


Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

Makes me wish it was spring again here, what a lot of lovely vegetables! Autumn has set in for real here and garden is getting ready for a long snowcovered rest. I still have more parsley and mint to take in though and a few tomatoes l think. Hoping to plant garlic this autumn, but l think l had better hurry. Pam

Anh said...

ah! I am so jealous with your garden! Bring on the spring garden I say xoxo