Friday, September 27, 2013

When motivation is lacking!

We gardeners all know that it is not only fun and games and delicious harvests...growing vegetables is really hard work! There are times when we would rather lie in bed until late in spring and summer but the garden and it's duties call us from our slumber.

There are other times when the harvests are demanding and then the processing of said harvest, and you would rather go and do something fun, like watch a movie, but you have to find ways to process, store or cook the vegetables that were yielded up by the earth.

And then sometimes, you make the long long list of things to be done in the garden and when you look inside your soul, it's all empty of the goodies that make up this thing called "motivation"! I was here a few weeks ago...long list but very low on motivation. What's a girl to do?

Thank goodness for the written word in the form of books, blogs and of course the old standby - Youtube!

So snuggled up in bed at night I have been devouring the pages of Animal Vegetable Miracle and enjoying yet again this diary of their year of eating local, their poultry raising endeavours, the huge amounts of harvest and dreaming of my upcoming ones.

I have gone back and read favourite vegetable garden posts on Down to Earth and watched with keen interest as friends of mine who are also veggie growers have revved up their gardening engines over the last while.

And I have been enjoying Tales from River Cottage on Youtube - even Superman has watched some with me!

All of these things seem to wake me up from my winter slumber to the spring the weather just needs to settle down so that we can plant all the seedlings that are spreading their roots right out of the containers they were started in.

The beds are all ready having been weeded and composted with our own gorgeous brew, the chickens have picked through them to get rid of the cut worms...and now we wait! All fueled up with motivation, willingness AND eagerness.

Could someone please tell the weatherman that its meant to be Spring! 

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