Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cauliflower - the queen of the garden

Right now we are eating cauliflower....lots of it.

There is a circular flower bed in our pool area which has been the recipient of a good nitrogen feed ;) for a few years and since last winter I have noticed that heavy feeder crops grow beautifully there.

Our broccoli from winter 2012 was huge, deep rich green and delicious. Our Aubergines from summer 2012 never stopped coming and were given away as we were Aubergined out!

And now the queen has come into her own. There is something special about seeing those huge white heads standing around the base of the fig tree.

The green leaves are massive and once the cauliflower is harvested the chickens feed on a couple a day.

So far they have escaped the white moth and her caterpillar babies which can munch though those leaves in a day!

I made a delicious rich cauliflower cheese last weekend for guests, this week another cauli was added to Mac n Cheese with a lovely rosemary, garlic and bread crumb on top.

But the best recipe was a Jamie Oliver one called "Curried Cauliflower Fritters" from Jamie at Home. And boy, were they delicious.

I am not one who deep fries - ever - well except this once...and I am so glad I did. These were simply gorgeous and made the cauliflower the star of the show, not the normal side dish.

Even my fussy eater could not stop gobbling these delectable treats.

Fried in a crispy beer batter spiced with cumin, curry powder and a bit of chilli these were a hit!


Kelly-Anne said...

I saw Jamie make these on his wonderful DVD - 'Jamie at Home' Part two and I thought they looked amazing! Glad to hear they were a success:-) Kelly-Anne

Anonymous said...

looks absolutely delish... we are just starting on our herb and veg garden! looking forward to the day when we can harvest from our too... lovely blog *hugs* Ange, Rob and the Brothers xox

seth_efrika said...

Thanks for the blog - I live just outside CT so nice to hear people in SA are doing the Urban Homesteading route. I am just ticking off the basics at the moment: started wormery, install solar water heating, large water tank and am now starting to tackle the veg garden. So much to do and so little time :)