Saturday, October 12, 2013

Gobble gobble munch munch

Spinach, kale, brassica’s – one of them on our plate every night.

Brassica’s have to be munched before the white moth comes a visiting and they bolt in the heat. Spinach and kale have to be gobbled quickly to make space for the new season vegetables.

Here are some of the things we did with these great veggies this week:

Kale and mushroom lasagna was truly the star of the week. A while ago my wonderful Sister sent me River Cottage Veg and with each glut of veggies over the last year or so it has been a favourite of mine to dip into.

We have so much kale (Cavelo Nero) that even when we had cut a full basket of the leaves there was more for many, many days to come. Kale is a cut and come again veggie and it grows taller than a person. {Blushing} I only found this out recently and realize that my 12 Kale plants are in the wrong place.

I am looking for a new permanent home for them in the garden so that the bed they are in can be freed up for seasonal crops.

Lucky for you, if you want to try this delicious recipe, you do not need to buy the book as Hugh has kindly put it here for free! It really is worth the effort!


Calzone made with spinach and mushrooms and a rich garlicky herby sauce was supper last night. I made a very good tasting pizza crust using refined spelt which was very yummy when stuffed with the sauce and loads of mozzarella.

Steamed spinach with butter and nutmeg was a side dish a couple of times too. The thing with spinach is to find the sweet spot…don’t cook too long because then it looks, smells and tastes like old dishcloths and cook too short and your teeth will squeak for ages afterwards.

Once it’s cooked drain and put in a bowl with a good knob of butter, salt, pepper and a healthy grating of fresh nutmeg. Delicious!

Kale was the green veggie of choice in morning carrot and orange juice. I pick one leaf per person (6) otherwise the juice is to green for young taste buds.

And of course our asparagus is feeding us too!

One of my 8 plants seem to have died over winter, but I cut the spears of the other 7 as they are about 7 – 10cm long and if there is not enough for all wanting, I store them in a glass with spring water while I harvest over the next three days until we have enough for all the gobblers. You cannot leave them attached to the crown once they are long enough for harvest, as almost overnight they start opening up to the beautiful ferns.

The first batch of asparagus was sneakily munched by Superman and I with some hollandaise sauce one evening when nobody was looking J . The spears are delicious lightly steamed and then added to salads with tangy sundried tomatoes, feta and avo on a bed of butter lettuce.

Tomorrow night I have Jamie Oliver’s brassica cannelloni planned…oooh my taste buds can’t wait. That will be the end to our broccoli and cauliflower until next season! This recipe is in his Jamie At Home recipe book.

What are you eating from your garden at the moment?


Kelly-Anne said...

Another lovely and inspiring post! My mouth was watering looking at your beautiful calzone!

We're harvesting broad beans by the bucketfuls every second day or so and it has been a great challenge to see what we can do with them! We also have a few bowls of peas still left on the vines...

Thank you for sharing:-)


African Bliss said...

Absolutely yummy with a good photo to match. Will be sure to try that one.