Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Around ~ About ~ Inside ~ Out

Well that describes our December holiday so far. Starting off with a list a mile long of what has to happen and what we want to happen made me feel tired before I even started! With my elder son now training in all earnestness for the Argus has seen 5.30am starts to every day getting him to his cycling friends for early morning cycles.

We have been able to fit in some fishing a swimming times at my favourite spot - Silvermine Dam - lots of walks in the forest and some gardening. But with 2 weeks left to get through my list...mmmh...well, time is running out.

Speaking about gardening...here's what has been happening on our little patch of the planet:

Bean coming hard and fast

Tomatoes hit with blight - green ones rescued for relish

Final butternut harvest

Coriander in a trough - splendid idea!

Corn nearly ready

Cucumbers - daily for a salad

 Green tomatoes to be made into relish

Early morning harvest

Gorgeous lemon cucumbers

Pumpkin 1 of 5

And his sister
3.5kgs of marrow went into this delicious relish
After a day of very unseasonal rain, wind and low temperatures in Cape Town, my garden has soaked up the unexpected showers. I think with the first hot day the mildew on the squash leaves will explode and our very bountiful squash and marrow harvests will come to an end. It has been great!


Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

Feel quite jealous looking at all your lovely vegetables, shop bought ones from over the sea in our winter season just don't come close to fresh. Can just smell last years harvest of tomatoes, could taste the sun on them. Enough winter grumbling from me, snow is forecast in the weekend and l love snow, so that's a good thing. Pam

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy,
Just want to say I really love your blog - it's always so inspiring and it makes me feel hopeful for my veggie garden attempts!
We've also had massive marrows and the butternuts are also coming along nicely - though not ready to harvest yet... Might be a bit later up in JHB? Anyways, thanks for a fab blog and great gardening insight!
P.S. Do you have any nice uses for borage? I planted a lot, because I love it in water but now I have so much and don't know what to do with it all...
Heidi x

Urban Homestead South Africa said...

Pam, the weather we are having at the moment is so strange, three days of rain in what is meant to be out dry season. Enjoy the snow!

Heidi, borage is a brilliant compost activator but be warned you will have little borage plants popping up all over the place if you put borage that has gone to seed in the compost. I don't mind this as the bees love it. Another use is to eat the flowers in salad or on cheesecakes, muffins and cupcakes. I have heard of people who scrap off the fine hairs on the leaves and chop them into salads, stews or even to make fritters. Thanks for your lovely comment!

Lisa Wyness said...

Is there any way one could come see your farm and buy seeds from you? My husband would love this! We live on a farm and love gardening and are busy setting up a veggie garden.