Saturday, October 4, 2008

Superb Gnocchi

Part of the Path to Freedom lifestyle is their 100 ft challenge. The aim is to eat foods that have been produced no further than 100ft. While our garden is still in infancy stage we are able toe at a portion of each meal within this radius.

My spinach has done so well, even through winter, that I am always looking for ways to include it in our meals. Of course the eggs from our chickens also feature here. So last night I made gnocchi using our eggs and spinach in the sauce. Here's the recipe:

Mix together equal quantities of cooked mash potato and plain flour. Add two beaten eggs, salt and pepper. Mix until you have a smooth dough. Roll into sausages.

Cut off little squares (1cm) and then place on a dry dish clothe. Boil a large pot of water, add salt. Place gnocchi in the water until they float. Remove and drain.

The sauce

Steam a bunch of spinach. Grate a onion and fry in some butter with a little garlic.
Add the spinach and toss. Pour in 500ml cream. Allow to reduce slightly. Put gnocchi in the sauce and gently stir to cover the dumplings.

Serve with a generous topping of Parmesan cheese.

The whole family licked their bowls - so I know it was a winner!

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SQ said...

looks delicious :)