Thursday, October 16, 2008

Surrogate mom at her best!

Last week we decided that one of our chickens was ill. She didn't want to leave the coup and just sat in the sand in the little dent she had made.

We were desperate...but we soon noticed that if she had an egg she would stay, but if we removed the egg she would go off with the others for her morning ramble.

This got us thinking...and then a further clue! We noticed lots of downy feathers where she had been sitting. was where we read up about a "broody hen" and this is what dear Quick Silver is - not ill...just broody!

The feathers are from her chest area where she has been plucking out to make a "brood patch" so that her skin is in direct contact with the eggs to keep them warm.

So now I feel just rotten as I have been stealing her eggs when she has been hording them to make a clutch. She was even sitting on her friends eggs!

We have spoken to a friend who has some fertilized eggs and tomorrow we will get 4 and mark them and let dear one sit to her hearts content...hopefully we will get some chicks soon. I doubt we'll keep them, but it will be a fun experience to let them hatch, then return them to my friend.

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