Sunday, November 16, 2008

After 2 hours of back breaking work....

A few weeks ago my daughter sowed some seeds of lettuce. More than one to a section... in fact more like 5 to a section. They were struggling were to grow so I seperated them all. I used that lovely worm poo from my wormery as a seedling mix. I guess we are going to eat salad 3X a day for the next while.

I had to fence my courgettes in...I am waiting for my son to make a me a frame that I can lean up against the wall to get them to climb rather than spread.

And just take a look at how wonderful my corn looks!

I also weeded all the pathways and beds, removed spent peas, planted out some egg plant seedlings, cleaned the coup, watered the whole garden and planted out some fennel.

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fairyluver said...

I just nominated you for an award...check out my blog for details!!
P.S. It's so fun to watch your yard change in just a matter of a few months!!!
You've done a great jobs with everything...I bet you've already save money by growing your own vegi's!!