Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wanna see my rubbish?

Have you ever heard of nosey reporters going through celebrities garbage? Well I am FAAAAR from being a celeb and I am not even sure that anyone actually reads my lil' ol' blog...but if you ever wanted to see my garbage you will be sadly dissappointed!

This is due mainly to our fierce recycling habits that have now kicked in. Also our chickens eat all our veggie leaves and offcuts. We also compost everything we can. Then there is our wormery.

Our worms get everything that the chooks can't have: shredded soaked newspapers and pizza boxes, eggs shells, the fibre from our juicer etc.

We started our wormery in Feb this year and we have taken off on average 2 litres of worm juid (liquid fertilizer) ever weekend for the last 5 months. This pic below shows the top later where the new food is added.

Yesterday I took the bottom layer out, sent a few wayward worms to the top layer and this is the left over compost-humus which we are going to use for our new seeldings. It's really good stuff, odour free and steaming hot!


flmom said...

Looks good! I'm glad I saw this today. I was thinking about a wormery a few weeks ago and completely forgot to discuss it with hubby. :o)

Huisvrou said...

May sound real stupid, but what exactly is a wormery and how do you start one?