Sunday, November 2, 2008

This weeks produce

In the post below I mentioned how good it is to be able to walk 10 steps into my veggie patch and come back a little while later with some fresh fresh fresh things to eat. It makes me appreciate all sorts of things like basic principles set in place by the God of Creation...Praise Him! Also I appreciate how much hard work it is to grow things without pesticides. How much hard work it is to weed, water and keep up consecutive plantings.

But this was this weeks pickings:

This cabbage was made into coleslaw to go with supper

The coriander went into a salsa

This is what I picked this morning...great isn't it! The broccoli went into a broccoli salad, the peas in a green salad, the potatoes into a potato bake and the spinach into omlettes.

What a thrill!

Today I worked really hard planting new seeds - beet, leeks, carrots, lettuce. Also planted out the sweet melon and watermelon seedlings.

We cleaned the hutch out and added that to the compost pile...Quicksilver is still nursing her 3 eggs...if they do hatch it will be on Friday!

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