Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bountiful harvest - well....almost!

This evening I picked and collected this from our garden:

1 small butternut
2 sun ripened tomatoes
Baby carrots
4 ripe corn
1 lonely beet
1 equally lonely patty pan
5 strawberries (they didn't make it to the photo!)
4 eggs

The veggies got roasted along with a yummy roast chicken for dinner.

The butternut went into this butternut dish:

1 peeled cubed butternut
5 sliced baby marrows

Coat in olive oil & herbal salt and roast.

Place a small dish of sunflower seeds in the oven until browned.

Cut up a cube of feta cheese and a handful of chives.

Mix together 1 T of mustard, juice of one lemon.

When butternut almost cooked, remove from oven, mix all together and enjoy!

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