Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Feel good things

In summer I love the feel of grass under my feet and the rich smell of warm earth but Winter brings a whole host of other feel good things...pots of soup, bean bags to warm a bed before slipping in, hot chocolate, warm Chai...and my favorite - a fire at night.

When we cleared out our first area for veggies we had to chop down a very invasive bay tree. This wood has kept us going every night for the last month and we still have lots to go. I feel better about using a fire to warm our house as versus a heater...

Every evening my son brings in baskets of wood, chops the larger pieces and gets our fire going...what a pleasure.

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Green Thumb Mama said...

We chopped down 3 really horrid black walnut trees in order to do our 2700 sq. ft. garden. I don't miss the trees at all! However, that wood has become the deck railing for our pool, firewood camping (boy that stuff burned for a long time!!) and who knows what else! :)