Sunday, June 28, 2009

Why I do the things I do

I know that most of what I write about here is for personal benefit - our vegetables, our home, our animals...but for me there is a deeper purpose to all of it than just haveing homegrown food on our table or a healthier home environment.

You see every week I take my two older children and between 2 & 4 teen boys for a MTB ride. We started riding years back in the beautiful pine plantation near our home. Lots of climbing up to get to the single tracks and downhill tracks.

About 2 years ago they started felling the trees. Money was the bottom line for the plantation owners and even though they promised to rehabilitate the indigenous Fynbos (fine bush) as they felled. They caused havoc with the trails, and didn't sort the Fynbos out.

The mountain is home to troops of baboons, this mommy sat quite patiently for me to photograph her and her little on yesterday. There are also wild cats, fish eagles and porcupines, to name a few stunning creatures that live there.

I want my children to be able to take their children out into nature to experience this beauty. There are so many things that I did as a child that I can not do with my children already - our beaches are devoid of shells, our seas being depleted of fish...

So, my attempts to live a little greener, hug a few more trees and live a simple frugal life has a much bigger goal. If this little blog can inspire a few more to live like this, they will in turn inspire a few more and maybe, just maybe, my grandchildren too can ride with fish eagles and baboons!

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