Thursday, March 18, 2010

Friends are always friends

Mid 2009 was a tearful time for my family as we said goodbye to two families that have been our closest friends for many years. The one was a permanent goodbye as this family relocated to a farm up country, some 12 hours solid driving away.

The other family was joining them for a shorter period of up to 2 yrs to help them with some changes that needed to made to farm houses.

To our delight one of the families have returned for a 5 week stay - joy of joys! With them came lots of wonderful farm produce.

Our other friends who are staying on the farm until December have embraced farm life in every sense of the word and I was thrilled to discover a jar of their homegrown honey in my gifts. They also sent me some bees wax to try in my soaps. We all couldn't resist a teaspoon of this honey the moment it was uncovered.

We have enjoyed eating some of the corn freshly steamed on the cob, but the majority has been blanched and frozen.

The chillies are being eating fresh but will need to be preserved this weekend.

The box of organic apples have been slowly munched through by all of us but there remain quite a few which I want to try to make apple butter with this weekend.

I know my friends both read this blog - so thank you dearest ones. You are missed.

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