Saturday, March 6, 2010

Preserving Chillies

Today I pickled our chillies. We had about 100 of them and last year I felt so bad as we didn't get to eating them all fresh so a lot were wasted. I really prefer my chillies fresh but I didn't want to repeat last years mistakes.

From this first picking we were able to bottle 3 jars which should do us for a while. I think we will get a second smaller batch still this season as there are still some flowers on the plants.

I used a simple pickle recipe by combining 1 part water with 4 parts vinegar, 1 part olive oil and a teaspoon of salt. Boil that up for 10 minutes while you trim the chillies....note the surgical gloves....I have heard of folk getting serious burns from working with chillies.

Pack them tightly into the sterilized jars and then pour the hot liquid over. Seal tightly, no need to water bath them. They should keep like this for a good few months, but need to be refridgerated once opened.


Tanya said...

Great method, thanks for sharing. Hoping to have enough chillies to bottle also. I think this method will be good for chillies on pizzas etc. Last year my son had so many he strung them and left them to air dry. Dried is only good for wet recipes.

Sue said...

thanks Wendy, I was wondering what to do with all of my chillies, looks like I have a job to do today.