Thursday, March 25, 2010

I love my pot maker!

Today I got a surprise in the post! I had ordered this potmaker in Dec and forgotten about it. And then it arrived I just had to give it a try...It's a great way to use up junk newspaper that comes through the post. And when the plants are big enough you sow them in the paper and don't disturb the roots. So you can start carrots, beets and all other root crops in these indoors before they can be planted out in spring!

Cut a newspaper into 9cmx25cm strips.

Wind it around the wooden cylinder. Fold the part that extends past the wood under then "mash" it into the base.

Voila! All these pots in about 5 minutes!

We quickly filled them with sand and sowed some cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower seeds then put them in the light hut!


Linda said...

I've thought about getting one of those but never have... maybe now I will reconsider.

A Chistoff said...

Hi, yes, this pot maker is great however I've found a better one: it is called next generation paper pot maker and it is much cheaper. Plus you can add soil without damaging the pot you just made.

Khourt said...

Ohhh Nice! I never knew such things existed.

Linnie said...

Wow, Wendy
I also didn't know you find such things! Looks great! Did you ordered it in South Africa? Can you give details from where you ordered it?
Thank you so much!
Have a blessed weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oooo, this looks amazing! Where can I find this in SA?

Wendy said...

We got ours from Canada at and it cost a little too much - $26 but I really wanted it :-)

I tried toilet rolls last year which are a similar sort of thing but the card takes longer to break down than paper so I think the pot maker works better!

I didn't find that the pot's were damaged when adding worked really well.

Today we got another two free newspapers in the post....guess what I'll be doing this weekend? :-)

Nishant said...

you can add soil without damaging the pot you just made.
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CYARA said...

Such a neat idea! The link didn't open for me. Where can I get one?

Thanks for posting!

John McIntyre said...

Saw your article on 'PotMaker' yesterday.
Used the property section from The Star today and a 500ml bottle of Bonaqua (Litchi flavour if you must know!) as the cylinder. Excellent. Seeded 20 'pots' and placed in our Heath Robinson 'warm-house'. We now eagerly await developments. No need to spend hard-earned dosh on maple-wood implements - look around the house! Many thanks. John and Gillian

splashfish said...

What a great idea! I tried mine with an old Grolsch bottle and .... VOILĂ€ .... perfect little pots and so happy to be able to put them right into the soil.

Thanks for the great tips. I've been spending all night reading your blogs and gaining valuable information.