Thursday, April 1, 2010

How are things growing?

Because it is the 1st of April I thought I would do a quick update of what's growing in the garden...

Broad beans - these are enchanting me and as I have never grown them before I am excited to watch their progress.

The seedlings I started last week with the potmaker pots and placed in the light hut are now being hardened off in dappled shade during the day. We have a second batch in the light hut.

My loofah is growing beautifully. There are a few smaller ones on the vine.

The cabbage we planted out at the end of Jan is growing great guns. It is baby cabbage and will be ready in a little while.

My basil is still full and glorious.

I also have peas, carrots, beets, turnips and leeks in the beds.

We are going away for a few days over Easter and my trusty housesitter will be caring for the garden. May God bless you all with a peaceful and purposeful Easter as we remember our Lord and Saviour.

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Lois Evensen said...

What a lovely garden update. :) Thank you for the images. Have a lovely weekend; we will miss you here and look forward to your return.

Lois in Cincinnati